About Floteq

FLOTEQ brand originated in Singapore.

With manufacturing base in Taiwan, since 1981, started to produce vertical and horizontal multistage, submersible drainage and deepwell submersible centrifugal pumps. Since 1987, produced end suction centrifugal pump and single stage in-line centrifugal pump, for export markets in Europe and USA, and has been providing manufacturing service to reputable international brands.                                                                               

FLOTEQ Pumps (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established in 2014, to develop market and FLOTEQ brand in China, providing product application and support, sales and after sales service.

FLOTEQ Pumps (Wuxi) Co., Ltd was established in 2015, responsible for product assembly, testing, certification, warehousing and logistics services.

FLOTEQ management places great emphasis on Total Quality Management, operation excellent and lean production. The complete “Production - Supply chain - Sales” process is applied and implemented so as to excel through FLOTEQ product and services.

FLOTEQ’s core competitive business include high efficiency pumps and advance control system, energy saving water supply system, HVAC and various industrial water system.

FLOTEQ aspire to provide professional, practical and environmental friendly pumps and pumping system solutions towards a better and comfortable lifestyle.


Mission Statement

To provide solutions to pumping systems with professional service, pragmatic and environmental friendly approach, always.

Vision Statement

Improving and achieving better pumping systems through better understanding of customers’ needs and always have environmental friendly thought in mind in our solutions.

Core Values

  • Trust  >  Knowledge  >  Loyalty